A Good Boy’s Guide to Custom Video Ordering

A Good Boy’s Guide to Custom Video Ordering


Of course, there are ways to turn what should be an exciting experience for both you and the Domme, into an annoying, frustrating experience. And it’ll be your fault, most likely. Avoid that happening with this guide.

How to Order a Custom Video

  1. Make sure the Domme is okay with performing the fetish you are going to request.
    If you use a site like IWantCustomClips to order your video, you should be safe because Dommes set the fetish categories on what they will and will not do.

  3. Keep your request short and sweet.
    There really aren’t that many Dommes that care about your extensive back story and details. Scripts, especially long scripts, are usually an annoying chore that hinders creativity from the Domme.

    Here is an example of a great custom video request:

      “Hi Princess Mika! I’d like to request a video where you humiliate me for being a 5’1″ short, virgin loser with a 3” cock. Please wear black lingerie and let me see your full body at some points in the clip (doesn’t have to be all the time). Please call me “Short Loser” often and I’d like a long, torturous cum countdown.”

    This explains to Me everything I need to do in this custom clip, while still allowing Myself to be creative and genuine without reading lines and lines and lines. Get it? Good!

  5. Tip!
    To be an extra good boy, tip. This can certainly inspire the Domme to complete your video faster… but really, it is just the polite, respectable thing to do that will likely lead to a great impression.

  7. Respond
    After you receive the clip, and enjoy it, it is always nice to hear back from the sub on how much he enjoyed the custom. Here again, it is just the polite, respectable thing to do that will likely help lead to a great impression.

Where to order Custom Clips?

Of course, now that you know how to better order a custom clip, you want to order one! Be sure to read My Where to Order Custom Clips guide.