Brought to you by: Empress Mika

I am proud to present to you My FemDom resource project:! It has taken a year to create and refine everything that went into this project and it's so exciting for Me to see it finally available to everyone.

What is DommeSource?

DommeSource is a resource website for both online Dommes and subs, ran by Me and one of My slaves. It is the first website of its kind.

My mission for DommeSource is the following:

    - To showcase and empower all Dommes.
    - To provide accurate information about the FemDom world, especially for newer Dommes that would like to learn.
    - To provide accurate information to submissives so they can better serve their Goddess(es).
    - To provide relevant news, related to the FemDom industry, especially as it relates to cam sites and clip sites.
    - To be the first female Domme owned website, with the best interests of all Dommes in mind, that isn't run by some sleazy guy.

It is My vision that DommeSource can be a tool for both Dommes and submissives, in hopes to better the industry as a whole.

DommeSource Features:

- Daily Dommes
    Each day, a handful of Dommes will be selected and Her clips will be showcased. A key feature here is that this is not limited to the top selling Dommes but is instead open to all Dommes in the industry.

- Spotlights: Dommes & Subs
    All Dommes & Subs have the opportunity to be interviewed. For Dommes, this is a tool to further showcase Her personality, style and work. For Subs, My goal for this was to be a useful insight into the minds of various subs for Dommes.

- Resources: Dommes, Subs & Ask
    This section contains a wealth of information regarding various clip sites, cam sites, membership sites, advice and other such tools Dommes use to make money online and that subs use to connect and serve their Goddesses. It also features an Ask Mika section where both Dommes and Subs may ask Me questions. The answer may also be featured on the site.

- News
    As the name implies, this section contains industry-relevant news, especially as it pertains to the various FemDom friendly clip sites and cam sites.

- Live Cams:
    DommeSource features its own camming site, tailored specifically for fetishes with some of the best live fetish cams displayed on the home page. This minimizes the subs need to navigate and search the site, as fetishes are usually not featured and are usually a more hidden sub category. It is powered by Streamate.

Feedback is Welcomed!

Feedback is, of course, welcomed. I prefer constructive criticism, if possible, haha. Other than Myself and My slave, there was no other person to look over this so everything in this project is based purely on My ideas. I look forward to refining this even further, as the site evolves.

Dommes: Get Featured

I'd like to invite all Dommes and/or any ladies that perform FemDom clips and/or cam shows to please message Me so I can have you down for the Daily Dommes section on a more frequent basis. If you'd like to be interviewed for the Spotlight or do a Snapchat Takeover, even better! Please just let Me know and we will make it happen!

If you are a sub looking to be interviewed for the Spotlight, just message Me and we will discuss how you can be of use in doing so.

Proud to be apart of the change!

I just wanted to add that there is a large portion of our industry that has severe lack of quality, honest advertising. For example, many affiliates lie and say that a particular cam site is actually a dating site just to get sign ups. Unfortunately, this brings out traffic that is typically of lower quality because they were deceived and we, as cam models, are left to deal with the mess.

I stated that it is My goal to "showcase and empower all Dommes" but this has a lot more meaning than what is on the surface. To elaborate, it is My hope to provide a place for Dommes to be showcased and, in turn, they are provided with targeted, quality traffic.

It makes me very proud to have put this project together in hopes to being a positive part of the change needed in our industry. It feels good to take more control of our fate and not just leave that into the hands of greedy affiliates.