Addiction & Budget Issues

Addiction & Budget Issues

Addiction & Budget Issues


There really is nothing more pathetic then a sub being so “addicted” to a Domme that he runs out of money to continue and maintain the relationship with his Domme. This sub then has to “quit” FemDom… only to come back a few weeks later to start the cycle all over again.

Or, maybe the sub is truly “trying” to quit because he “hates” spending so much money on FemDom. So, he tries unsuccessfully over and over again to quit but never can do so for more than a few weeks or months at a time.

These types of situations really makes so many of Us Dommes roll Our eyes so hard. You all need to stop. Seriously.

1. Accept Who You Are

    There really is no point in resisting. You can’t really come back from FemDom and magically be completely vanilla. And, guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that! Stop wasting your life by going back and forth with trying to change your true needs and desires. You can’t. You’re a sub. Accept it and indulge in it. You’ll be so much happier… and We Dommes love happy subs ready to serve.

2. Stop Self Servicing Yourself

    Do you honestly think that spending a bunch and then disappearing is in the Dommes best interest? No. The fact is you’re being completely selfish and indulging in your own desires until you can’t anymore and then disappearing. Especially if you’re interested in becoming a Slave of a Domme, this really harms the relationship you have with Her. You should always keep your Domme’s best interest in mind and then act accordingly.

3. Be Your Best

    As such, We Dommes deserve nothing but the best of subs… and that includes you acquiring a budget that works for you. It is much better to be consistent with your spending and with the time spent with your Domme than it is to go about it in spurts, especially with disappearing and especially with stating you’re going to quit.

    Be the good boy you were meant to be for your Domme! Spend your money and your time with Her consistently!

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