General Info
AdultWork is truly a one-stop shop for both a Domme and Her subs. They are based in the UK but are open to everyone from all over the world. Many Dommes have had success on here and the site is known for its vast amount of services a Domme can offer to Her subs.

Dommes can sell the following services on AdultWork:

  • Escort Services
  • Webcam Shows
  • Phone
  • Texting
  • Clip Selling
  • Photo Selling
  • Alternative Services

Alternative services can be pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in one of the above categories.

Dommes do not have to offer all of these services to be on the site, of course. Dommes decide which services they do and do not offer.

FemDom Focuses
AdultWork welcomes Dommes and is thus FemDom friendly. This said, the site is open to all sex workers.

Site Features
There are a lot of site features, especially since AdultWork allows for so many different services through the platform. Here are a few highlights:

– In-site Messaging System

    This protects your actual e-mail address. There is also a special page view that lets you easily see which messages you have sent or received, better helping you manage your correspondences with members. E-mail and text message alerts can be set up so you never miss a message.

– In-depth Profile System

    This includes an interview, photo gallery, availability, your own URL and more.

– Advertising Your Website is Allowed

    The catch is that your website must also link back to Adultwork.

– Fool Proof Ratings & Feedback System

    Both members and models can leave feedback for each other. AdultWork tracks a member’s multiple aliases so you can see if they switched aliases. This is especially helpful if a certain member made a new alias due to bad feedback, for example.

Earnings & Payouts
1 credit on AdultWork = 1 pound Sterling.

Models using AdultWork keep 70% of their earnings. 30% is deducted as an “administrative and marketing fee” when a Domme cashes out.

The exception to this payout is camming. For camming, models keep 65% of their earnings unless it is a pre-booked show.

Payout options include Payoneer, PayToo Mobile, check, or wire.

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