Camming as a FemDomme

A Female Dominatrix Guide to Cam Sites


If you read my FemDom Cam Sites article, I shared my list of FemDom friendly camming sites, also posted below, which I’d now like to elaborate on:

Cam Site
Payout %
CMD Signup
CamContacts Signup
25% – 30%
Flirt4Free Signup
35% – 50%
iFriends Signup
ImLive Signup
30% – 60%
LiveJasmin Signup
NiteFlirt Signup
Streamate Signup
SkyPrivate Signup

Which camsite is best for FemDommes?
Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to this question. If one cam site was the “best” for FemDom, then there would only be one site on my list instead of several options. The better way of asking this question is, “What is the best cam site for you?”
I dive into this topic more in depth in my article, What is the Best Cam Site for FemDom?

Free Chat or Private Based Cam Sites for FemDom Shows
These are two types of cam sites: free chat and private based sites. There are many cam girl resources out there, such as the cam girl wiki that I also write for, that can explain the difference more in depth, as well as other tips and tricks for all cam girls, should you need it.
You may have noticed that my FemDom cam list only contains sites that are private based. In my opinion and experience, private based sites are the way to go with FemDom shows. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It maintains a “you must pay me to see or experience more with me” which is, well, very FemDom.

  • There are so many different fetishes under the female domination umbrella. It is actually quite difficult, in my opinion, to do a show that will cater to many fetishes effectively all at once. It is much better to do a show one-on-one where you can directly perform a show with that sub’s specific FemDom fetishes.

  • Most subs seem to only like one-on-one experience as oppose to a group experience.

Here again, there will always be exceptions and this is only my opinion based on my own experiences. Always do what makes you feel the best.

What?! Only 30%?!
Indeed, you read that chart right. On many of these sites, and others like them, you will only keep about 30% of the money your customers spend on you.
This seems to be a huge disconnect for many models and a strong reason why many cam girls choose to perform on free chat sites because the percentage a model keeps tends to be more around 50%. However, I can’t stress enough that, in my experience and opinion, private sites are the way to go for FemDom.

Why is it only 30%?!
Without going too in depth into this topic, suffice it to say that private based sites have to give a big chunk of money to people that advertise for them and bring traffic to the site, which are called affiliates. This is needed because, unlike free chat sites where much of the action happens in free chat that any user can see for free, on private based sites, users have to pay to experience a model’s show. As you can imagine, this makes it much more difficult for the site to bring in traffic without a lot of help from affiliates. In other words, it’s much easier to spread the word about an adult site where members can view shows for free than it is to spread the word about an adult site where members must spend money to be able to see a performance.
For example, on Streamate, models keep 35%. Streamate’s affiliates also keep 35% (40% if a model uses her affiliate link). With this, that is already 70%-75% of the money gone. That leaves Streamate with 30% – 35% of the money for themselves. Of course, not every single user is from an affiliate that they have to pay but I dare say that many or even most are. So, it isn’t that a site like Streamate is just pocketing 65% on every transaction. Let’s not forget Streamate must also pay to maintain their website, which can get pretty pricey, especially considering many private based sites enable models to broadcast in high definition.

Why should a FemDom use a cam site?
Okay, so even if you understand a bit more about where all of the money is going it still doesn’t change the fact that you will indeed be making about 30%, depending on what site you choose. You might be asking why bother at all? Well, here’s why:

* Traffic, traffic, traffic!
Camming will expose you to a much wider audience than if you didn’t cam, where you can meet potential subs that will stick around for the long run. There are many, many subs that crave real-time sessions with Dommes online. In fact, there are some subs that can only justify spending money on FemDom this way, going so far as to say FemDom clips won’t work for them.

* Money, money, money!
Despite only keeping about 30%, models are able to charge a premium for interaction live on cam that is usually much higher than the per minute rate for clips. For example, charging $8.60/minute on Streamate (which is not at all unheard of, once you are an established model) will still give you about $3/minute your share. Assuming you stay on for a few hours and have multiple shows, this very quickly adds up. As well, unlike being mostly out of control with a clip store where you are at the mercy of members buying your clips, camming allows you to take more control of your earnings because you can generally expect to make something within a few hours if you cam.

* Camming is not for everyone
As we found out, a lot of girls will not cam only to earn about 30% of their money. As well, camming can be a lot more difficult than performing in clips where you can simply re-film any mistake. Camming requires you to be “on” in a much more direct way. It is my belief that, because of these reasons primarily, many FemDommes do not cam and thus the market is much more open for the taking. This will allow you to offer a service that some FemDommes do not offer, which can be to your benefit monetarily.

Offering Both FemDom & Vanilla Cam Shows
To date, there are no websites that are exclusively FemDom. Therefore, you will always have some vanilla guys in your room that range from confused to offended. However, if you are a cam girl that offers both vanilla and femDom shows, being on a site that has both types of customers can be beneficial. There seems to be more and more vanilla cam girls that are expanding their services by offering FemDom shows alongside their vanilla shows. Some cam girls even have a second FemDom persona that they use to sell clips, for example.
This works well for some cam models. However, in my opinion and experience, these models still mostly perform vanilla shows and their FemDom shows are mostly on the side. As well, most of the top Dommes do not also perform vanilla shows and/or clips. If you are looking to do mostly FemDom shows or want to have a reputation that is mostly FemDom, I believe it to be best to only do FemDom. There seems to be a good amount of subs that desire a FemDomme that comes across as more serious about it and not just, for lack of a better word, dabbling in it.
Of course, there are always exceptions and ultimately, you should do what makes you feel the best and what makes you the most money.

I would be a totally new cam girl… where do I start?
There is a wealth of cam girl information out there. It is my hope to just fill in the gaps as far as FemDom is concerned. If you want a great resource about being a cam girl, your first stop should be The CamGirl Wiki, which I’m also a writer for.

Sell Your FemDom Clips!
Another big income earner is to create and sell your FemDom clips! Check out my List of FemDom Clip Stores to list your clips on the best sites.