General Info
CamModelDirectory is a website directory that lists your profile and Skype name for users to then contact you directly on Skype to arrange a Skype show.
CamModelDirectory requires a much more firm experience as a cam model. It is for this reason that I highly recommend SkyPrivate or Niteflirt if you really want to perform FemDom Skype shows, especially if you are a newer Domme entering in the world of camming for the first time.
It is important to be aware that all users that can access the site can also access your Skype name. Therefore, it is very important to be able to see through users who are only messaging you to have a free chat, scam you and/or try to get a free show.
As well, in my experience, many of these users that add your Skype name do not read your profile. This makes it especially important for FemDommes to be crystal clear on what type of show you will be providing. It is also important to have your CMD listing readily available to copy and paste to a customer so he can proceed in purchasing the Skype show. Many users seem to add Skype names and then lose track of who is who on their list.

Skype Safety
Because you would be using Skype to take FemDom shows, a few words of caution about Skype:

  • Have a Separate Skype Account for FemDom
  • You never want to use the same Skype account that you would use for your personal friends and family or that can be connected to your personal information in any way.

    You may even want to have a separate Skype used only for CamModelDirectory. The reason being is that there will be a ton of users that add you and it may get difficult to organize your Skype list. As well, the owner of CamModelDirectory is known to pretend to be a member to check if you will refer him to pay with CamModelDirectory to be sure you are following the rules of the site. This way, you do not have to mistakenly give a member a different payment method when you have multiple conversations going on skype.

  • Be Aware of “Free Previews”
  • Many subs might try to see you to “make sure your cam is working” among a whole variety of excuses. It is usually not advised as many subs are trying to take advantage of your time.

  • Always Receive Payment
  • Never perform a show without receiving payment first! Ever!

FemDom Focuses
CamModelDirectory allows Dommes to use their service and they have both a BDSM and a Fetish category that you can place yourself in.

Earnings & Payouts
CamModelDirectory has a payout of 75%. If you make more than $500 in a month, the payout increases to 80% until the end of that month.

Placement on the Homepage
CamModelDirectory allows models to bid for the top placements on the site. Top placement lasts for one week. Therefore, it may be important to budget for this accordingly.
After that, CamModelDirectory puts online models first, in the order of who earned the highest amount that week.

Give CamModelDirectory a try!
Sign up to CamModelDirectory today and have it be apart of your overall FemDom hustle!

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