General Info
When one thinks of “selling fetish clips”, Clips4Sale immediately comes to mind. Clips4Sale has been around a long time and is still the leading fetish site when it comes to sheer volume and the variety of fetish clips sold. The traffic is there but it can be a challenge to stand out. Still, Clips4Sale has so much worldwide traffic that is almost always a good idea to have a store here.
One noteworthy feature is that each fetish category on Clips4Sale has its own list of recently uploaded videos, top studios and top clips. So, for customers looking for a specific fetish, this is a great feature because generally you will be on this longer than on the recently uploaded home page list.
Another noteworthy feature is the ability to upload different versions of the same clip. This allows you to get on the recently uploaded list twice and categorize the clip in another appropriate category, to increase its chance to be sold to a variety of subs looking for that particular kind of clip.
My final noteworthy feature is being able to see detailed information on analyics. This includes what clips have sold the most so you can easily ascertain which fetish clip categories and upload times are your most and least successful.

FemDom Focuses
Clips4Sale is very fetish friendly and thus FemDom friendly. There are many categories that fit within the female domination fetish and beyond.

Earnings & Payouts
The payout for Clips4Sale is 60%. If, however, you receive a tribute then the payout is 75%. Payments are sent via check, ACH, or wire transfer and are sent once per month.
Keep in mind, Clips4Sale does not offer a custom ordering portion for your store, the way IWantCustomClips does, so you have to redirect customers to your e-mail or some other contact page for custom video inquiries.

Placement on Homepage

Clips4Sale’s home page features the top studios, top clips, new studios and a “recently uploaded clips” section that is frequently checked by its customers. Therefore, uploading a new clip to the site means you will be on this list for some time.

It is important to note that because Clips4Sale is such large site, it is generally advised that models make the most of their new studio status. This is a status that only happens once, when you’re new, and advertises you in your chosen category and on the home page for some time.

Give Clips4Sale a try!
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