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Clips4Sale & Customer Privacy

Clips4Sale & Customer Privacy


Many subs are concerned with their privacy. Since this sub privacy article came out some time ago, I have been asked to elaborate a bit more, as I detailed that Clips4Sale was the only site that shared some information with their performers.
To clarify what, exactly, Clips4Sale shares with its performers, there are two aspects to understand: E-mails and Dashboards.
First, I have an e-mail from a real clip order that I received.

Clips4Sale E-Mails:

Clips4Sale Order

So, let’s go through this screen shot and explain a bit about what’s going on.

    Store ID: This is my store ID. Therefore, you can find My store at the following URL:
    SO#: This is the transaction number. With this number, C4S support can identify which exact order this is. So, for privacy reasons, I censored it out.
    Clip: This is the clip title that was purchased.
    Totals: The first number is the cost of the clip. The second number is my earnings from the clip sale.
    Customer #: This number identifies the customer so you are able to see all of their purchases from your store.
    ID #: Admittedly, this line has always confused Me. This line supplies the IP Address with additional numbers after it.
    CC: This let’s Me know that the credit card has passed for payment.
    IP: This is the IP Address of where the customer purchased My clip from.
    Country from IP: This tells Me the country of the above IP Address.
    Customer #: This is listed twice, for whatever reason. It is the same number as the first customer #.
    The last three lines are as follows:

      First and Last initial (of who’s credit card was used)
      City and State (of who’s credit card was used)
      Country (of who’s credit card was used)
      For e-mail, this would show up as:
      J S
      Miami, FL

Clips4Sale Dashboard:
Within the performer Clips4Sale dashboard, performers are able to see a customized search of all sales.
Here is a screenshot from My dashboard:

Clips4Sale Dashboard

In terms of customer privacy and the performer dashboard, performers are now able to see the full last name associated with the credit card used. For example, if the name on the credit card used is “John Smith”, performers would see “J Smith” in the name line.

What this means for Privacy
Ultimately, this comes down to what this means for customer privacy. It seems reasonable for customers to want to understand what information, if any, is being shared about them.
Some customers do not wish for any information to be shared while others simply do not mind or assume certain risks are to be taken with any site.
For those customers who care deeply about privacy, it may be best for them to use clip sites in which privacy information is not shared with performers. Honestly speaking, Clips4Sale is the only clip site I’m aware of that does share this much information with its performers. Normally, performers only see a username.

Can Performers Find Me?
Perhaps it is possible to find “J Smith” from Miami, FL in the USA (a fictional person from my examples above). Perhaps some performers would want to spend time and even resources to finding out more about you. Perhaps they’d find you on your social media accounts. Perhaps they’d blackmail you (which is illegal, by the way).
Generally speaking, though, many (dare I say… most?) performers can care less about you or your personal information. Especially successful Dommes like Myself, we would never jeopardize our business on account of ONE person (don’t flatter yourselves, really). Plus, we are far too busy filming new clips or otherwise living our lives to give you a second though.
I personally think, too, Dommes should be more concerned with our own privacy. It is much more likely for subs to try to find out information about us (with malicious intent) rather than us finding more information about some loser in Miami, FL buying Toilet Fetish clips. Seriously, now, haha.
Of course, all of this is just my personal perspective and there will always be exceptions and differing opinions.

Exceptions to the Rules
It’s important for me to mention that there seems to be some loop holes in the customer privacy side of things on Clips4Sale.
For example, in my dashboard, I see plenty of “A, A”‘s, so some people have found a way to not include their full last name. Some are even entirely blank on e-mails and within my dashboard implying that some people have found a way not to have any name information at all.
Other e-mails and dashboard views, too, show certain information or all information missing pertaining to a city, state and country.
So, I’m not sure if there is a way for a customer to simply not fill out their information or how to bypass this but I think it is important to mention that there does seem to be a way to not have it shown.

If you’re concerned about your privacy on Clips4Sale, I encourage you to speak directly with Clips4Sale customer service to see what your options are and to find out more about how your particular information shows.
Happy clip buying!

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