Trade Show Pay Offs

Clips4Sale Trade Show Pay Offs

Clips4Sale Trade Show Pay Offs


It is no secret that one big way for a clip site to market itself is by participating in trade shows.
Unfortunately, for some clip sites, it may not be so easy to attent as one may think.
It has been reported by iWantClips that Clips4Sale has made 2 pay offs to exclude iWantClips from participating or exhibiting in both Exxxotica and FetCon.
With this information, it could bring up a few discussion points, such as:

    – Is part of Clips4Sale’s continued success not just because they are one of the oldest fetish clip sites out there, but also because they are able to pay off trade shows to exclude other clip sites?
    – Is this really the best way for Clips4Sale to spend its money? For example, should they update and modernize their website? Increase their payout to performers? Or, should we not interfere with the way they spend their money and write it off as none of our business?
    – Is the ability to exclude clip sites from trade shows really best for the community at large?
    – Are Trade Shows *that* important?

Of course, I don’t have the answers and it is DommeSource’s policy to remain as neutral as possible. This being said, DommeSource believes in providing accurate information so readers can make the best decisions for themselves.

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