Customs4U Boleyn Models

Customs4U Partners with Boleyn Models!


Customs4U are now partnered with Boleyn Models!!
This is an excellent addition for those models signed with the Boleyn Models studio! It means that models signed with Boleyn can now receive daily pay for their Customs4U earnings. Boleyn Models offer more payment options than Customs4U.
Of course, models that are not signed with Boleyn Models do not have to worry about this change. It may just mean that there will be more models joining the Customs4U platform.

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Customs4U is on my FemDom friendly clip site list and for good reason. All the details are on my overview.

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Boleyn Models is one of the only good studios available for cam models. All the details are on my overview.

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Source: Customs4U Mailing List