Dealing with Time Wasters

Dealing with Time Wasters


It’s unfortunate but there will be time wasters you will encounter, especially when you’re a newer Domme. I don’t know what it is but I remember very clearly when I was new that a number of “subs” were trying to test my limitations and such. Unfortunately, there will still be time wasters even when you’re an established Domme. Here are a few tips and tricks that helped me spot and deal with time wasters.

1. Set a Time Limit
For my own sanity, I personally like to set a time limit based on the platform I’m using. For example, if a sub doesn’t tribute or begin a private show within 5 minutes, I can more safely write him off as a time waster and not pay as much, if any, attention to him. In severe cases, I can ban him and move on.
I find that messages, such as e-mail are the most challenging to gauge. For messages, my limit might be something like 2-3 e-mails without a tribute.

2. Re-Direct & Make Yourself Clear
Unless a sub was obviously super rude or offensive, it usually isn’t the right answer to block him or ignore him. My best advice is to make yourself clear and/or re-direct the conversation. For example, I might say something like, “This is a good topic for our next paid session” or even a “Pay to discuss this more in depth with Me”. This can work for both online FemDom camming sessions or e-mails. Either way, it’s important to make sure you state your expectations clearly and re-direct conversations when necessary.
3. Sometimes, it’s best to Ignore
Unfortunately, there are some “subs” that thrive off of drama. The more you respond or get upset or tell them off, the more fun they seem to have. For example, I know a few subs that have responded in such ways like, “You’re not a real, genuine Domme if you’re only in this for money!” or “I’m such a good slave and I had so much to offer you but you’re being ridiculous…” or “I was going to buy a custom clip but now I’m not because of your reaction!” and other such similar statements.
This is absolutely not a position you want to put yourself in. My best advice here is that if a sub starts to even remotely upset you or respond in these immature ways, just end the contact or keep responses short with a re-direct. Your precious time is better spent on something or someone else.
By the way, this goes for Twitter drama, too. Don’t get sucked in!
Always Remember:

Most subs who tribute do so without tons and tons of dialogue!

It’s perfectly acceptable for a Domme to engage in very minimal free chat, especially if it’s one-on-one with a sub. Always do what makes you personally feel the best, not what you think will result in a “maybe” sale.

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