December 7th, 2016

Daily Dommes


Here are a few clips we decided to highlight from some of the most amazing Dommes on the internet:

1. Princess Mika

Reacting to Your Small Dick
“How I Stole Christmas: Day 3. This is the clip so many of you have been waiting for! It is so perfect to release this for the Holiday season! A bunch of you sent in your pathetic dick pictures to Me, as instructed in My “Seduced into Sending Dick Pics” clip. I went through and picked My favorite pictures and now you can obsess over My genuine, honest reaction to your dick pics. Haha, how nice of Me to actually give your “cock” some spotlight… but, indeed, it is a humiliating spotlight, as deserved. Of course, to spice things up, you will be stroking and cumming!”

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2. Goddess Christina

Day 6 Christmas Cuck: Twelve Days of Christina
“I know you would love to watch my man and I fuck. You’d love every single moment of Torment as you see him slip his nice big cock inside my tight pink pussy. You’d barely be able to contain yourself seeing him slide in and out of me… listening to me moan in pleasure. I’ll make you my cuckold slave. You’ll serve me and my man. I’ll even let you clean up after one of our super hot fuck sessions. The question is are you really ready? Can you do whatever it is that I command of you? Will do it for this perfect gorgeous body? For your Goddess? Yes??? Good.”

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3. London Lix

A Cuck’s Christmas
“Real men have real girlfriends to spend their hard earned ca$h on at Christmas time. But you weren’t so lucky – you were born inferior and your hand is your lover during these cold winter nights. You were lucky in finding me though – your virtual girlfriend. And this Christmas, I’m going to allow you to spoil the man who takes care of me for you, the man you wish you could me – my Alpha boyfriend. That’s right, jerk off to how humiliating it is to pay to clothe the dick that thrusts into the pussy you know you’ll never have. Stroke as I make you thank my boyfriend for fucking me so good, for taking me on dates, for making me so happy. Thank him…thank US…with your words, and then…with your wallet. Yes; this is a Cuck’s Christmas. His wishlist:”

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4. Lindsey Leigh

A Very Cuckold Christmas
“It’s that time of year again cuckies. Wish me a Merry Christmas, now wish Alpha a Merry Christmas. Hahaha. I love this season! The season where I bark orders at you, and you work, work, work away to spoil Me and Alpha. The thought of it excites me, and come to think of it, maybe thats why I’m so horny this time of year.. I know you want to listen to all my stories of how many times Alpha and I fucked, as we went over the river and through the wood for our holiday trip you paid for.. You are such a good cuck for us! I want you to spoil Alpha since he spoils me all year with his big cock.. Thats right, let me walk you through his Amazon so you can buy him everything he wants/deserves for X-mas, and of course you’ll be buying up everything off of mine as well.. You want to keep being allowed to jerk to us right? Are all those items in your checkout? Good boy.. I knew you would enjoy your beta-cuck christmas this year! HAVE SPOILLINDSEY.COM OPEN BEFORE AND DURING THE CLIP.”

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5. Queen Deserves

Stroke MY way to Christmas Day
“Of course this magical time of year should be all about me! Just look at these curves making you rock hard before your very eyes without even touching. I’m magical within myself. Your going to stroke your cock to my every wish. You will be stroking MY way every single day up to Christmas for my perfection from here out. Sounds like such a heavenly reward doesn’t it my stroke addict? Friends and family do not come first this Christmas , that ‘budget’ you had in mind for gifts for will be stroked away to my bank account through your purchasing of 5 of my clips every single day. ** Enter mark up code ‘Good boy’ to add 25% every time, i deserve more **”

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