December 8th, 2016

Daily Dommes


Here are a few clips we decided to highlight from some of the most amazing Dommes on the internet:

1. Miss Honey Barefeet

Blissful Impact JOI
“WARNING! This video contains Audio Effect to turn your brain into a mush! 🙂 This is mindwashing jerk off encouragement. My eyes and lips willl tease the hell out of you so bad. My voice is so h*pnotic for your ears. Use earphones for deeper impact and mindcleanse.”

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2. Goddess Christina

Day 7 Backdoor Santa: Twelve Days of Christina
“No more chimney work. I’m going to make you my backdoor Santa. I’ve been a naughty girl so you might as well be a naughty boy. I mean look at you. You want to stroke that hard dick for me. You can’t resist this sexiness in front of you. You are a naughty Santa! So get your cock out and stroke it until I tell you to stop. I’m going to have you take a visit to your naughty boy toy chest in a minute. I’ll have you being a bad Santa fucking that ass of yours in no time! Don’t worry. There’s a fine line between good and bad Santa and I belong on both lists.”

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3. Goddess Amanda

Nobody Wants to Fuck You
“It’s true, nobody wants to fuck a guy with a little dick. That should go without saying. Your few inches of dick are not impressive and will never be the star of any show. It’s not fun sucking on something that resembles one of my your fingers. Your little dick is hiliarious and every woman that sees it will laugh so hard at the pathetic sight of it. You can’t even fuck a woman with thing.”

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4. ObeyMelanie

Your dick belongs to Me
“Your dick belongs to Me! I’m going to take control of it. I am going to use My feet to dominate you. You will cum one final time. You will cum at My feet. Then you will lock your dick and I will control you. You will learn your place at My feet with your tongue in your cum as you serve as My foot slave.”

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5. Bratty Nikki

Exotic Brat Bikini Tease
“My exotic looks caught your eye immediately. You’ve simply never seen another girl that looks like me! Combined with my perfect body and greedy attitude, I am unstoppable. I have you captured and I’m ready to devour you. I am the exotic jungle cat, you are the field mouse. My prey. An afternoon snack. But first, I want to toy with you. Tease you. Make you beg for me devour you!”

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