Domme Amazon Wish List Basics

Domme Amazon Wish List Basics


One of my favorite aspects of being an online Domme is receiving gifts from My Amazon Wish list. Of course, having an Amazon wish list comes with its own set of pre-cautions that you should be aware of for your safety and sanity.

1. Obtain a P.O. Box
Never use your personal, home address!
Ever. Ever, ever, ever!
Instead, it is best to obtain a PO Box or an address box through the UPS Store or other such similar services. It doesn’t cost much and it will protect your personal address from being seen by any of your subs.
Additionally, you now have an address you can give away to your subs. That way, your subs can send you various items, tributes and gifts without being confined to the items you have on your wish list.
*If, however, you do not want subs to know the general location of where you live, you have a few options:

    – Pick a PO Box that is farther away. Whether or not you have a closer or farther PO Box, you can always claim you do not live anywhere near these locations for an extra step of safety. To be extra cautious, it is best to have someone else pick up your packages for you so you never actually physically set foot into that location, if some crazy person decided to stalk your PO Box location.
    – Look into mail forwarding services. However, keep in mind that mail forwarding services cost more than a PO Box and will delay you getting your gifts for a longer period of item. Still, it could be worth it to have shipped items to you with a safety net.

2. Receive your Item, First
If you choose to receive items in exchange for services, such as sending clips, wait for the item(s) to arrive first before you send the sub your clips. It is a drag to wait but it is a good idea to never be too trusting. A sub can easily cancel the order, after he receives your video clips, for example.

3. Be Aware of Cancellations
While I’m on the topic, I should mention that subs can decide to randomly cancel gifts, even if they were not in exchange for any kind of service. So, if you see something as purchased, it’s my best advice to not get too excited until the item actually arrives. It’s crappy to think this way, but that is just the reality of wish lists. It happens to all of us.

4. Be Careful with Amazon Cards
As such, be extremely careful with Amazon cards.
Even when you apply the Amazon card to your account, many experienced FemDommes have reported that the sub can still return it!
It is only after you spend the full amount of the Amazon Gift Card on an order/orders, is that card safe from being returned.
Therefore, it is best to not accept Amazon Giftcards as payment for any type of service unless you know you can use the full amount of the gift card immediately on something you’d like or need to buy on Amazon.

Only Accepting Tributes
It is due to these factors that many Dommes choose to only accept payment and tributes through clip sites or cam sites. A wishlist isn’t for everyone and it’s okay to not have one. But, I have to admit… it is pretty awesome to receive gifts in the mail! ­čÖé

FemDom Friendly Cam & Clip Sites
There are many femDom friendly cam sites and clip sites to pick from, as either your main cam site or clip site, in which you can use and list your wish list.

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