Evelyn Milano 2017 Tour

Evelyn Milano USA Real Time Session Tour!


Evelyn Milano is about to start Her first USA Real Time Session Tour. The posted dates for 2017 are:

    September 2017:

      13th-16th in Miami, Florida
      16th-19th in Tampa, Florida
    November 2017:

      1st-4th in Chicago, Illinois
      4th-7th in New York City, New York

Sessions will take place at Her hotel. They have a $1,000 minimum which allows for 4 fetishes during the session which will be 2 hours long. She will have a female friend with Her who can join in at no extra charge. You can arrange a session with Her through Her email, and She expects sessions to book up fast!
Evelyn, the Elite Sadistic Humiliatrix, specializes in humiliation, bust also loves doing ball busting, foot worship, ass worship, and financial domination!