How to Approach a Goddess

How to Approach a Goddess

How to Approach a Godddess


I know from experience that many of you subs are absolutely clueless when it comes to approaching a Goddess online for the first time. It goes without saying that first impressions do matter! It could be the difference between a blooming master-sub relationship versus an immediate block.
So, just follow My advice, which I believe will at least get your foot in the door with most Goddesses, including Myself.

1 – Have money ready to spend
To Me, this should seem SO incredibly obvious but it’s amazing how many times this is not understood by you subs.
News flash: No one is entitled to our time without compensation.
You are not the exception. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, how involved your question is or anything else. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a “pay pig”. It is about the Goddess, not about you.

In fact, when you send your first message, do so WITH a tribute. This will increase your chances at a response by an enormous amount.

2 – Research your Goddess
It is very off-putting when I receive messages from subs that ask questions that could have been easily answered, had they spent 5 minutes or less looking through My website or clip store. It comes across as disrespectful of My time to ask something because you are seemingly too lazy to look it up yourself.
This is especially true of, “Hey, do you have any clips in x category?” Look it up yourself. If it’s not there, order a custom video. It’s as simple as that.
So, make sure you spend time looking through a Goddess’ website, clip site or anything else to make sure whatever it is you are going to message Her about isn’t already answered.

3 – Be thoughtful, grammatically correct & respectful
Last but not least, make sure your message is thoughtful, grammatically correct, and respectful.
The last message I’m going to respone to is a, “hi” or “hru goddess”.
This shows no thought whatsoever was put in your message and shows no respect for My time or superiority.

This should help so many of you losers to approach a Goddess successfully. It is My hope that many more goddess-sub relationships can flourish instead of being hindered by a sub’s ignorance.

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