How to Ask a Question to a Goddess

How to Ask a Question to a Goddess

How to Ask a Question to a Goddess

I’m not sure why this is but there are so many subs that think it’s okay to simply find a Domme, decide that She’s your type, and then proceed to message Her with your question or questions.
In your sub-par brain, you might think this is okay because you want to make sure She is able to provide the service or FemDom fetish you are looking for. If she does, maybe then you will make a purchase.
You surely have it backwards.

1. You are NOT Entitled to a Domme’s Time

    By messaging a Domme your question, there is an unspoken assumption that you think you are entitled to a Domme’s time. You ask a question and you expect an answer, all for free. That’s entitlement.
    This is especially true when the question you are asking can be found within 30 seconds on a Domme’s website and/or social media page. If this is the case, you are not only being entitled but you are also being disrespectful.

2. Tribute for your Question(s)

    The opposite of being entitled is being respectful.
    Always tribute with your question!
    This is showing the Domme you not only respect Her time but you will also make a good impression. This will work in your favor. Even if the answer is easily found on Her website and/or social media, the fact that you sent Her a tribute, begins to make up for the fact that you were too stupid and/or too lazy to find the answer.

3. Too broke? Too cheap? Don’t Ask!

    If you are too broke or too cheap to tribute with your question, I encourage you to look at a Domme’s website and/or social media pages. 9 times out of 10, I guarantee you that your question has been asked and/or addressed and the answer will be there. Because you answered your own question, you have just saved the Domme time by not having to read your message with your (most likely) stupid question.

You Are Not Special

    If it’s one thing to take away from this article, you should remember that most subs are replaceable. You are nothing special. To get a Domme’s attention and for your relationship together to eventually flourish online, you need to be very respectful for a chance for this even to happen.
    Subs that are too lazy to look up the answers to their questions but instead want to be spoon fed the answers by their Domme have serious entitlement issues and are being disrespectful. You will be completely ignored, which doesn’t effect us as Dommes. We have enough subs and enough money and absolutely do not need you. You only hurt yourself.

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