How to Be A Good Slave

How to Be A Good Slave


A day does not go by for Me, in which a sub asks something like, “How do I serve you?” or “How do I be a good boy?” or “How can I be a good slave to You?” Well, read and learn!
This might come across as a shock to you, but asking any variation of the above questions, near the start of your encounter, make you look completely ridiculous and you should be ashamed and embarrassed to message any Goddess with such questions.
You might have good intentions. You might really want to serve. But, where did you go wrong in asking those types of questions too soon?
Since it benefits all Dommes, I’ll tell you: You not only mistakenly assumed you were entitled to a Goddess’s time but you disrespected her time by asking something that is, most likely, easily found.

1 – Research Properly

    In My How to Approach a Goddess article, I detail the importance of research. You are not special. Chances are, there have been hundreds of you asking the same thing. Most Dommes have a website and/or social media sites and/or an online Slave Application that often set the tone in how to serve them properly, if not directly stating the information you’re looking for.
    If you are too lazy to look up this basic information for yourself, then you are unfit to be a good slave. It’s as simple as that. There is no good excuse to justify not taking the time to research.

2 – Questions come with Tributes

    If, after researching how to serve a particular Domme properly, you still are not clear and have additional questions, you should only ask with a tribute attached to your question. Why? Because you are respecting Her time when doing so, making a good impression and showing you are serious in your intentions to serve.

3 – Obey & Let Time Pass

    At this stage, you know what you have to do by researching and/or after speaking with the Goddess you wish to serve. All that is left is to obey.
    As time goes on, you should be getting to know your Goddess more and more. With this increased knowledge, you should be able to be of even better use to Her.

Pleasure through Commitment
I can’t stress enough the importance of commitment. It sounds obvious but many subs have unrealistic expectations and want this immediate, amazing connection and get discouraged if it doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger or within the first 30 seconds of an online session. That’s fine for subs looking for a quick fix, but not for a sub who claims they want to be a good slave.
You have to realize that time is usually required for the best of relationships between a Dominatrix and Her subs. The time spent getting to know each other brings more pleasure for both of you in the long run. Duh! That is why I say you will ultimately have a much higher pleasure through committing to your Domme and putting in that time.

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