General Info
HumiliationPOV is a membership site that hires various Dommes to create FemDom clips for their site and clip store. There is also a member forum to connect with the subs of the site, once you have created clips there, which can be an excellent boost in exposure. HumiliationPOV is always looking for new Dommes to hire.

FemDom Focuses
HumiliationPOV specializes in FemDom clips, especially those clips involving humiliation. Therefore, it goes without saying that HumiliationPOV is very FemDom friendly.

Earnings & Payouts
HumiliationPOV pays a set flat rate per clip, depending on the Domme’s experience level. Payment is sent upon verbal confirmation that the agreed upon clips have been filmed and are ready to send. Payment method is up to the Domme.

Typically, a few clips are ordered with several months in between requests for another batch of clips.

Give HumiliationPOV a try today!
Contact HumiliationPOV today and have them be apart of your overall FemDom hustle.

If you reach out to HumiliationPOV, be sure to let them know that Princess Mika sent you! 🙂

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