General Info
iFriends is yet another on my femDom friendly cam site’s list that has been around for a long time, offering a strong site for any model that wants to give their platform a try. There is a little bit of everything on iFriends, from fan clubs, rewards, optional free video chat and direct content selling in addition to camming as a FemDom cam girl. Each model has a very interactive profile that, in my opinion, somewhat mimics a social media profile. Let’s just say that there are a lot of revenue avenues to try on iFriends. Best of all, they offer some of the highest payouts in the industry!
One unique feature about iFriends is the ability to play a recorded session that members can pay to see. This makes it so you are still getting some great exposure without actually having to be live on cam.
Another unique feature is that iFriends has a dedicated phone sex line so, even when you are not camming, users can call you and you are able to earn additional revenue with calls.

FemDom Focuses
Under Live Cams, iFriends has both a “Fetish” category and a “BDSM” category. Placing yourself in one of these categories would likely be best as a FemDomme cam girl.

Earnings & Payouts
One of the best features on iFriends is that models keep 100% of the earnings from members they refer. This is unheard of in this industry and it’s clearly an exciting feature!
iFriends offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. Models can keep 50% if they choose to absorb any charge backs that occur for any earnings received. Others, models can choose to keep 35% with a guaranteed income, as iFriends will absorb any charge backs that occur. This really gives the model a lot of choice when it comes to earnings. In my opinion, choices are always better than not having any.
There is a slight catch, though. If you decide to keep the 50%, 10% of your earnings are held for 6 months during each pay check. This is the ensure that no charge backs occur. If no charge backs occur, the funds are then released to you.

Types of Shows
The iFriends experience is a very customizable one.
In this chat mode, users must pay your chosen per minute rate, upon entering your room. This means that there is no free chat at all in this mode.

Free to GoPrivate
In this chat mode, members can enter for free to see you and interact with you. However, they must click the “GoPrivate” button to see a show and be charged your chosen per minute rate.

Free for My FanClub Members
On iFriends, you can optionally have a fan club. In this particular live session chat mode, only users of your FanClub can see you for free. This is a way of rewarding your FanClub members. Typically, these sessions are 5-10 minutes and you can choose the frequency.

Free for Everybody
As the name implies, this session is free for everyone. Models can do one of these per day and it lasts up to 15 minutes. This is a good way to gain some exposure, should you choose to hustle this way.

Additionally, iFriends allows models all of these other options to earn revenue:
– Creation of discount codes
– Creation of private session codes
– Phone during the paid session
– Fan Clubs
– Virtual Gifts
– Phone Line, even when you’re not on cam
– Re-play sessions to earn when you’re not live
– Viewer Awards
– Being in multiple categories simultaneously with the option of having a different name in each category
– And More

Needless to say, there is so much to explore and so many creative ways to earn with iFriends. It boggles even my mind sometimes, haha.

Placement on Homepage
Placement on iFriends is done by an automatic algorithm that factors in the model’s popularity, fan club ratings, and duration of live session time.

Give iFriend’s a try!
Sign up to iFriends today and have it be a part of your overall FemDom hustle!


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