General Info
ImLive is a private based cam site that is very established in the camming industry. They are known for having quick, personalized responses from a dedicated support team, a strong feature among an industry that is generally known for having iffy support at best. They also have a very in-depth support manual that has many useful tips for cam models without being tacky.
Unlike most cam sites, it is actually best to not sign up to ImLive directly and instead sign up to EnticeLive, which is a virtual studio that works with ImLive. They do not take any of your earnings and provide additional traffic, support and better payout options.
ImLive has a lot of fun features that include a multi-viewer, party mode, house of games and hot spots. So, if you’re bored of the same old camming routine, ImLive has a lot to offer as far as variety goes to switch up how you earn.
Another feature that sets ImLive apart from other FemDom friendly cam sites is the ability to do live camming from your mobile phone. I have never tried this myself but it does sound intriguing, assuming the model can be careful about where she cams to not give away any information that could lead to her location if location privacy is a concern.

FemDom Focuses
ImLive makes itself a FemDom friendly cam site by having a dedicated “BDSM & Fetish” camming category. Of course, as the name implies, there are submissive cam models in this category as well but it is still an appropriate listing for an online female dominatrix. The category is strictly enforced by the ImLive team to ensure this category only has true fetishists streaming in it.

Earnings & Payouts
First and foremost, I want to point out again that if you plan on giving ImLive a try, you will want to instead sign up to EnticeLive instead of ImLive directly.
EnticeLive models earn 30% of all earnings, which is the same rate if you were to sign up with ImLive directly. Therefore, again, EnticeLive does not take any earnings from you.
With EnticeLive, you only need $25 to receive your payment automatically. If you make more than this per day, you will receive payment daily. If, however, you were to sign up directly with ImLive, they have a $50 minimum in order to receive payment and they only only twice per month.
As a model, you pick your per minute rate from a set amount of choices. As you spend time on the site and receive good ratings from your customers, more and more per minute rates are given to choose from. It’s important to note upfront that ImLive requires 90 minutes at $0.98/minute for all beginning models in free chat. After you get through this introductory period, you are free to set your own per minute rate and do not have to be in free chat.
ImLive payment methods include check, Payoneer and direct deposit.

Types of Shows
Free Chat
You are able to spend time in free chat and wait for a customer to take you private or pay your per minute rate.

Private Only
If you do not wish to spend time in free chat, you can let ImLive run and customers will only see your video if they are immediately paying your per minute rate. This is typically best done after you have a set reputation on the site.

Models are able to sell videos, including past shows.

Discount Club
This is ImLive’s membership club that is optional for models to participate in.

Placement on Homepage
ImLive states that models streaming in House of Games are shown first. After that, an exact algorithm is unknown but it is believed to be models that earn the most per hour combined with models who have received the most and best ratings by customers.

Give ImLive a try!
Sign up to ImLive today and have it be apart of your overall FemDom hustle!

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