IWC Holidays 2017

iWantClips Holiday Clips Section!

iWantClips Holiday Clips Section


iWantClips knows that you’re starting to prepare for the upcoming holiday clips and are about to release the Holiday clip section on the iWantClips homepage!
The keyword tage for this year will be “Holiday 2017”. IWC would also like to remind everyone that all clips are required to have a clear and evident holiday theme such as:

    – Thanksgiving
    – Christmas
    – New Year’s Eve
    – New Year’s Day
    – Chinese New Year
    – Hanukkah

ALSO, IWC will be allowing last year’s Holiday clips to be populated in this year’s clip section to maximize your sales. Be sure to include last year’s clip tag “Holiday 2016” so they will populate the clip section. The clips will be organized from the top “2017” down to last year’s “2016”.

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