Lessons After 8 Months as a Slave

Lessons After 8 Months as a Slave


This is a guest post that was submitted by Slave Peter.
Eight months is a long time – between 27th January when I became the Slave of Princess Mika and 27th September – the day of our 8 month anniversary is 35 weeks or 243 days.
That’s a long time and in fact is the longest time I’ve been a slave to anyone – 8 months was actually my previous record so now I have gone over that I’ve beaten it.
Being a slave is actually like any relationship – you need to work at it. There have been times when I have been busy or been distracted or had difficulties but I’m still here. So I thought I would try to list a few lessons:

  1. Regular contact – even if you just exchange some texts or emails, regular contact – ideally daily – is essential. Being remote – I live in the UK in fact and Princess Mika in the USA – means I need to regularly update Princess on what I am doing – there was a period after a few months when i was a bit slack in doing that because I felt I was “too busy” but fortunately She has made me step up and now I think I’m pretty good at doing daily report no matter how busy I am.
  2. Tasks. The point of a slave is to do things, so be productive. If you can’t do something, learn, train yourself, try to get better- being half-good at something isn’t really going to cut it. Try to be as helpful and useful as you possibly can. Be willing to take the time to learn how to do something properly. Also listen and be attentive to what you are asked to do – don’t spend a day doing something you weren’t asked to do and then be upset when it isn’t right.
  3. Patience. Your owner isn’t always available, She is busy, She has things to do. Just wait until She is available and has time to deal with whatever issue you think is important. Often most of the drama is in your head and you just need to stop and collect yourself before thinking you always have something really important that your owner needs to deal with immediately.
  4. Give compliments. Every day be grateful that you are owned by a beautiful Goddess. Tell Her how amazing She is, how much you adore and worship Her. Try not to get too repetitive but equally don’t stress as worship is always going to have a degree of repetition about it. Be lavish and generous in your praise and do it often.
  5. Be generous. It is always nice to tribute your Goddess and buy Her gifts. Sometimes it is good to surprise Her with an expensive gift, but it is also nice to just get lots of little gifts as special presents to show Her how much you adore Her. Try to set aside spending on yourself and always make your beautiful Goddess your priority. She is the light of your life, acknowledge that and show it financially.
  6. Be thoughtful. Your Goddess has a lot to do each day. She probably has all sorts of stresses and issues that you know nothing about, you just don’t know the various hassles and things She has to deal with. So if She is short with you or you feel She doesn’t appreciate something you have done for Her, take a deep breath and get over it. Just be thankful you are still Her slave.
  7. Be polite. Don’t take your owner for granted, don’t be overly casual or familiar with Her. Treat Her with respect, like royalty, be humble and courteous to Her – be considerate. It should go without saying to always put your owner first. She should come before anything else in your life.
  8. Be grateful. Give thanks each day that you are owned. Thank the universe that you have a beautiful Goddess who looks after you, gives you things to do, who allows you to worship and adore Her. You are the luckiest guy in the world. Never forget it. Always express to Her how much you appreciate Her and make Her number one in your life always.

Well I hope I will remember these lessons. If I do then I would like to think I will be able to stay owned by my beautiful Goddess forever.


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