General Info
LiveJasmin certainly has a wow-factor about it. The whole look of LiveJasmin is a classy, high quality look that is seemingly second to none. It’s a beautiful website and they accept nothing less than HD streams complete with HD photos, required of all models. They are known to be very picky and quite the sticklers when it comes to the quality of everything on their site, even at the risk of upsetting many cam models as a whole. Despite the mixed reviews, in order to be completely all-inclusive of every choice an online FemDomme has, I have chosen to include them on my list of FemDom friendly cam sites.

FemDom Focuses
LiveJasmin is of course making space on their website for FemDom cam models. They now feature a “Fetish” cam category, complete with FemDommes and submissives alike. This is exactly the category a FemDom cam model should list herself under, should she decide to try camming here. It is very obviously fetish themed, with many models dressed in latex as their avatar photos. LiveJasmin strictly enforced the fetish category rules (and all category rules) so members and models alike do not have to fear encountering a model that only lightly dabbles in FemDom also being listed here.

Earnings & Payouts
LiveJasmin pays on a tiered system, as follows:

  • $0 – $100 = 30%
  • $100 – $300 = 35%
  • $300 – $650 = 40%
  • $650 – $1,500 = 45%
  • $1,500 – $2,500 = 50%
  • $2,500+ = 60%

LiveJasmin pays twice a month with a $100 minimum.
In addition to earnings from private and free chat, LiveJasmin also occasionally hosts contests in order for models to earn extra.
It is important to note for all models regarding earnings that LiveJasmin will enforce a rate reduction if a model is not in compliance with certain features or terms. This could include anything from your internet speed being too slow, not streaming in HD, not having audio, having a rejected avatar picture because it wasn’t HD enough, your room not being in theme with your chosen category, etc. This is usually the core of why LiveJasmin receives many frustrating reviews from models. This all being said, LiveJasmin also receives some great reviews from models that do not have issues with these features.

Types of Shows
LiveJasmin is a private based site. Generally, models hang out in free chat, awaiting for a member to take them private in which they will be paid their set per minute rate.

Placement on Homepage
Placement on the homepage is believed to be ordered by the most successful earning models. However, it seems that every few minutes, the order changes slightly. Therefore, LiveJasmin’s exact placement algorithm is unknown.

Give LiveJasmin a try!
Sign up to LiveJasmin today and have it be apart of your overall FemDom hustle!

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