Online Domme Expectations

Online Domme Expectations

Online Domme Expectations


Of course, it’s important to have realistic expectations as an online Domme. It can be confusing to know what to expect, especially in the beginning. It is my hope that this can provide clarification on a few popular points that stood out to me when I was learning.

1. Subs Usually Aren’t Exclusive
What I mean by that is that, despite a sub stating he wants to serve you, he most likely also serves other Dommes as well. There is no real offense that should be taken by this. It is just good for you to understand that subs usually purchase clips and/or purchase shows from a wide variety of Dommes and not just you. Unless you and the sub have some kind of agreement (usually, a slave-Domme relationship) where it is crystal clear that he only serves you, it is best to assume he is not fully “yours”, so to speak. During sessions or clips, serving only you may be part of the fantasy, for example, but certainly not the reality.

2. Many Online Subs Don’t Want More Than Sessions
From my experience, I’d say that most subs are not looking for anything more serious than a “quick fix”. What I mean by that is that he will usually only purchase clips and/or purchase a live show from you when he needs to masturbate and obtain release. Anything more complicated than this is oftentimes a fantasy only or not what the sub is looking for at all. The exception to this is, of course, those subs that make it clear they want something more. For this, a Slave Application usually comes in handy!

3. Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy ~
It may be tricky to navigate through at first, as there are so many different fetishes within female domination, but many times subs do not take things quite so seriously. Instead, many only want a fantasy-only aspect.
One example is the act of CEI / Cum Eating Instruction, in which you command a sub to eat his own cum. Your entire session will revolve around the sub eating it upon release. When he finally does release, what happens? He doesn’t eat it and ends the session. What happened? Haha.
In this example, he fantasized about eating his cum but, after release, he lost interest and perhaps didn’t even intend to do so in the first place. This doesn’t happen every time or with every sub, of course. There are many subs that do follow through with CEI and other FemDom fetishes. However, it’s important to understand that there are a good handful of subs that do not and only enjoy FemDom as a fantasy-only kind of thing. So, with this in mind, you don’t have to stress about if you didn’t do the fetish correctly or little things like that.

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