Run Your Mailing List with YMLP

Run Your Mailing List with YMLP

Run Your Mailing List with YMLP


YMLP stands for Your Mailing List Provider. YMLP allows you to set up a mailing list and send out newsletters, which can really enhance and benefit your business as an online dominatrix. E-mail marketing is a very powerful way to keep in touch with your subs!
In my opinion, YMLP is the best mailing list option available for Dommes. It allows for easy customization, using HTML or built in templates.
It goes without saying but YMLP is adult friendly. This makes them stand out among so many other mailing list platforms available because most mailing list platforms are not adult friendly. YMLP deserves all the credit in the world for letting Dommes and other sex workers have a way to run mailing lists for our businesses.


    Sign Up Page

      You can set up a sign up page for users to subscribe to your mailing list. This appears on a completely separate page, as you can see here: Newsletter Sign Up. This makes it easy for you to refer to a URL for those that want to join. It also makes it easy to post on Twitter or other social media pages.

    Adding Contacts

      You can also import contacts if you already have email addresses or manually insert them yourself.
      This is a perfect feature if you have a membership site with ModelCentro. On ModelCentro, users can input their e-mail to sign up to your mailing list. From there, you can add those contacts to your list.

    Built in Templates

      Creating a newsletter is easy with YMLP’s built in templates. Once you have made your template, you can re-use it each time so you don’t have to start over and re-create it when you want to create a newsletter.

    Make Your Own Template

      If you’re savvy enough with HTML, YMLP has a built in editor that you can use to create your own template.

    Scheduled Delivery

      Once your mailing list is created with your chosen template, you can choose to deliver it right away or schedule it for a later date/time, which you get to choose. This is very handy to ensure your newsletters are sent on time and so you can complete it well in advance without worrying about having to send it out manually.

    URLs to Your Mailing List

      Once your newsletter is sent, you are given a URL that displays your newsletter. This is perfect to post to your social media accounts. Those not signed up can read it and may even decide to sign up.

YMLP comes with an in-depth reporting on the statistics of each newsletter. It will track the following:

    – How Many unique opens
    – Clicks (if you have links attached)
    – Opens by location (where it will bring up a global map)
    – How many subscribers the email was delivered to
    – How many email address bounced back
    – How many did not open the newsletter
    – Any unsubscribes from that particular newsletter

Pricing Plans

    – Free Plan: Up to 100 E-mails/month.
    – Pro Plan: $4.50/month – 500 E-mails/month.
    – Pro Plus Plan: $9.00/month – 2,500 E-mails/month.

All 3 plans offer mostly the same features, except for amount of subscribers. It gets tricky when you consider how many emails you can send per month. This number reflects how many emails you send for each newsletter.
To illustrate:

    If you have 50 subscribers and send out 3 newsletters a month, that’s 150 emails that month.
    If you have 200 subscribers and send out 4 newsletters a month, that’s 800 emails that month.

Therefore, you have to keep track of how many e-mails you’re sending out each month, and plan accordingly, to accommodate each newsletter. It’s recommended to keep track of your subscriber count and pay attention to those subscribers that do not open your newsletter. My rule is that if someone doesn’t open the newsletter for 4 weeks, I remove them. This will save you from having to upgrade to the Pro Plus Plan, which saves you money.

Sign up to YMLP, today!
Create your own mailing list with YMLP and experience how it can benefit you as a Domme!

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