General Info
SkyPrivate is a user friendly plug-in program that allows Dommes to charge subs a per minute rate for Skype shows. This eliminates the need for a sub to pay up front and then you have to pay attention to the time for when the session will end because the sub is paying per minute through the plug-in.
Here is what it is like for a sub:

SkyPrivate is as easy as registering for the site, creating your profile, downloading the plug-in and starting the plugin. After starting the plug-in, this will update your status on SkyPrivate’s directory, showing you are online and available for FemDom Skype Shows.
Although SkyPrivate has an extensive model directly, it is best used if you have a lot of your own traffic interested in having Skype shows with you already. If you do not have a lot of traffic, it is usually best to cam on a FemDom friendly cam site because a cam site provides you with traffic.

Skype Safety
Because you would be using Skype to take FemDom shows, a few words of caution about Skype:

  • Have a Separate Skype Account for FemDom
  • You never want to use the same Skype account that you would use for your personal friends and family or that can be connected to your personal information in any way.

  • Be Aware of “Free Previews”
  • Many subs might try to see you to “make sure your cam is working” among a whole variety of excuses. It is usually not advised as many subs are trying to take advantage of your time.

  • Always Receive Payment
  • Never perform a show with out receiving payment first or, in SkyPrivate’s case, ensure the plug-in is running and you are receiving money.

FemDom Focuses
SkyPrivate allows Dommes to use their service but it is open to all cam models.
SkyPrivate is also a partner with ModelCentro. This makes it easy to show your Skype status to your subs on your membership site.

Earnings & Payouts
SkyPrivate has a payout of 75%. If you refer customers to SkyPrivate, you can earn up to 80%.

Give SkyPrivate a try!
Sign up to SkyPrivate today and have it be apart of your overall FemDom hustle!

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