General Info
SocialPilot is a Twitter tool that allows you to schedule tweets in advance. Its simple interface makes it really easy to upload numerous tweets at once efficiently.

FemDom Focuses
SocialPilot is open to anyone with a Twitter account. Its service is very useful to Dommes that want to keep up a high Twitter presence without necessarily manually posting numerous tweets every single day. Instead, SocialPilot allows you to check Twitter a few times a day.
Among useful tweets for Dommes are reminders of what services you offer, clips to highlight, and anything else. Check out My Twitter Marketing for Dommes article, where I elaborate more.
SocialPilot also works with Tumblr and Instagram, which are other social media networks that are FemDom friendly. For Instagram, no tool can post on your behalf but SocialPilot will instead send you a reminder.
SocialPilot also works with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest but these social media networks are not known to be as effective for FemDom marketing.

Pricing Plans
There are a total of 4 plans available for you to use. They are all roughly the same except each tier gives you more to work with.

    – Starter (Free)

      With the starter plan, you get the very a limited account. You can connect a total of 3 profiles, only post 10 posts per day, and have up to 30 posts scheduled in your queue.

    – Basic ($4.99/mo or $49.99/yr)

      The basic plan allows you to connect up to 10 profiles, 50 posts per day, 250 posts in your scheduling queue, and have 5 RSS feeds.

    – Growth Hacker ($9.99/mo or $99.99/yr)

      This plan is a big step up from the basic. You can have up to 100 connected profiles, 200 posts per day, 1000 posts in scheduling queue, and 10 RSS feeds. This plan also unlocked 5 Team Members (discussed below), bulk scheduling, and custom Facebook branding.

    – Business ($14.99/mo or $149.99/yr)

      This plan offers the most of all the plans with, 200 profiles, 500 posts per day, 5000 posts in queue, 20 RSS feeds and Team Members.

Which plan is best for a Domme?
If you do not post much, the free plan can work out just fine for you. Every few days, you will just have to make time to re-load the tweets because it only allows you to schedule up to 30 at once.
I myself use the basic plan and update my tweets weekly. It works really well for me and it’s nice to not have to worry about Twitter, besides leisurely check-ins a few times per day, until the following week.

SocialPilot Team Members
Team Members are simply people that you can set up to post/schedule on your behalf. This could be perfect if you’d like to assign the task of post/scheduling tweets to a trusted slave.

Twitter GIFs & Videos
Unfortunately, with every social media tool, Twitter does not allow GIFs to be over 5MB and does not allow videos to be uploaded. This really puts a strain on new clip announcements with the preview GIF. Therefore, it is best to plan on uploading your preview GIF manually to Twitter so you are able to take advantage of the 15MB limit or to upload an MP4 manually.

Give SocialPilot a try!
Sign up to SocialPilot today and see how it works for your overall FemDom hustle on Twitter!

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