Sub Privacy and Best Payment Methods

Sub Privacy & Best Payment Methods

Sub Privacy & Best Payment Methods


It is actually quite funny to Me that many subs are so concerned with their own privacy, especially when it comes to payment methods. It really goes beyond being too lazy to sign up to a different site; some of you are legitimately concerned with your privacy!
Before I continue, I just want to make it clear that…
Nobody cares!

Seriously. Don’t flatter yourself into thinking that We Dommes really care about your personal information. Your name, address or anything else, are absolutely meaningless. Of course, maybe there is some quack Domme out there that would use it for no good? But I really doubt she would stay in business for long. No established Domme would jeopardize Her business on account of you.
The reality is that there are some serious legal consequences if We were to actually use your information in any way without proper permission. That’s why things like a Blackmail Contract or a Credit Card Authorization Form exist.
With that out of the way, let’s continue.

The Best Payment Method
Here again, it’s not surprising you have no idea what the best payment method is. Are you ready for the answer? Haha!

The best payment method is…
Whatever the Domme wants!

Of course, there is no payment method that is a one-size-fits-all for Dommes. We all have Our own preferences based on Our own situations and opinions. Therefore, it is best for you to pay however We want you to. Duh!

Your Privacy
Since I know some of you will not let go the topic of privacy, I assure you that We normally only see a username (the one you yourself create) associated with any type of payment you send us. That goes for cam sites, clip sites and other methods like Amazon gift cards.
The only exception to this is Clips4Sale. We see the initials and state / country the credit card is from.

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