Tasks for Subs

Tasks for Subs


A frequent request I hear from newer Dommes are to provide task ideas for subs. Hence, this article was born.
There are a few things to understand, regarding task ideas for subs:

1. Originality & Creativity Abounds!

    Most tasks are the creative work of the particular Domme commanding her subs. That is to say that there isn’t a set list or set limitation as to what you can command your subs to do. I’d say that most of the tasks that a Domme gives to her subs are creative and original and that is what I encourage you to do as well.

2. Experience with subs

    This is often overlooked when thinking about tasks. As a newer Domme, it’s always a good idea to gain experience with subs by spending time with them on cam sites and clip sites. Subs will often reveal the types of things they want to do, which is an unlimited resource of inspiration for tasks.

3. Humiliation VS Sexual Tasks

    This one is more of my own, personal opinion. I’ve found that sub tasks generally fall into these 2 categories: humiliating tasks and sexual tasks. It is important to figure out which category of tasks you’ll be giving or if you’ll be giving a combination of the two. It will depend on the sub you’re interacting with or what you feel like doing at the time.

4. Be Genuine & Have Fun!

    Remember, giving tasks should be a pleasurable experience for you that comes from a place of genuine honesty. It should not be a guessing game for you of what the sub really wants to hear. You never want to become a slave to the sub.

Sub Task Ideas
It is for the reason above that I always hesitate a bit to give an actual list of task ideas. I don’t want any Domme to feel limited to this list or as if this list is always going to be correct. Always do what feels right to you and what is fun to you. These are just a few ideas to get you into the mindset of tasks:

    – Lick armpits
    – Wish list purchases
    – Slap across the face
    – Shouting his devotion for you out the window
    – Stroking while hoping on 1 foot
    – Licking a gross object (such as a toilet)
    – Licking an object that was in a gross place (such as the sub’s anus)
    – Send embarrassing photos
    – Wear women’s panties
    – Stroking with hot sauce

As you can see from the list above, some of these tasks go into other fetishes such as humiliation, JOI, CBT, Sissification, etc. Again, the sky is really the limit and the most important thing with coming up with tasks is to be creative, genuine and to have fun with it.


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