TeamViewer, Banking Passwords & Credit Cards

TeamViewer, Banking Passwords & Credit Cards

TeamViewer, Banking Passwords & Credit Cards


Every Domme will seemingly encounter a sub that throws his personal information at you, begging you to drain him dry. This can come in the form of many things, such as:

    – Banking Logins
    – Credit Card Information
    – Team Viewer (which then directly or indirectly leads to the above two)

It seems too good to be true! Here you are, able to use his credit card for anything you want to buy. Right?!

Wrong! I cannot stress enough how important it is to deny or ignore such requests from subs.

At the end of the day, you can get into some serious legal trouble for using someone else’s credit card or banking information. Even if you use Teamviewer and use it to tribute yourself on a clip site… it’s just not a good idea.

You need to put yourself first and that includes your safety and well being. The sub MUST be the one to use his own credit card to make any type of purchase. The last thing you want is him calling his credit card company to say that he didn’t make the charge, after he is no longer horny. At best, you can hope for only a charge back. At worst, you can get into serious legal trouble.

If, however, you do know a sub well enough, and he has become your slave, activities like this are possible. For example, you can look into obtaining a credit card authorization form. This will protect you legally and allow you to charge the subs credit card yourself.

The bottom line is to be careful. No amount of potential money is worth the legal trouble you can possibly get yourself into with these activities. Always make sure you are safe.

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