Where to Order Custom Clips?

Where to Order Custom Clips?


In a sea of so many Dommes and so many FemDom sites, it’s not surprising that subs like you have no idea where to start when it comes to custom videos. Well, because it benefits all Dommes, I will help you out!
Before I start with My list, I just want to say that if you have a particular Domme in mind that you’d like to order from, it’s always a good idea to browse her website and/or social media. She may have a preferred way of obtaining custom clip orders. This could be a preferred site and/or payment method, for example. So, if you want to be an extra good boy, you will take the few minutes to find out if She has a preferred way and then do that.
If not, you may proceed to the list below.

Where can I order custom videos from directly?
These websites all have systems that simplify the custom video ordering process for yourself and the Domme. This includes your payment being in escrow, meaning the Domme is not paid unless She delivers the video to you on time.

  1. IWantCustomClips
  2. IWCC has a built in custom clip ordering system making custom clip purchases very easy for you and the Domme you’re ordering from. IWantCustomClip’s most popular and successful categories all revolve around FemDom so this is a site where a lot of FemDommes are listed.

  3. KinkBomb
  4. More recently, KinkBomb added a functionality to allow for custom clip ordering. Models can opt into having this feature on their KinkBomb profile so be sure to look out for it.

  5. ManyVids
  6. ManyVids does have a custom video ordering system but it is not as laid out with a set due date nor your funds being in escrow.



Tips for Custom Video Ordering
Of course, there are more things for you to screw up so be sure to read My Good Boy’s Guide to Custom Video Ordering to increase your changes at a more successful ordering and video experience.