Launches! Launches


Mistress Eva has released Her membership site Membership includes classes, photos, blogs, and more!

There are four courses that subs can indulge themselves in:

    – How to Dream About Me
    – How to Please Me
    – How to See Me
    – How to be Mine

These classes detail everything from how to approach Mistress Eva online all the way to ending an in-person session with Her. No question is left unanswered, including a wonderful insight to Mistress Eva’s personality and domination style.
After each class, the sub is treated to a reward by Mistress Eva. In addition, points are earned in which the sub can use towards things as extra attention, custom videos, and even the opportunity to accompany Mistress Eva on a photo shoot or fetish party.
Upon completion of these courses, the sub will be transformed into a real life slave for Mistress Eva.
Join Her membership site today!

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