Chargebacks and fraud are, unfortunately, most likely something every online dominatrix will encounter at several points during her career. They can be a very confusing and frustrating so I hope to shed some light on this topic.

What is a Chargeback?
According to Google Dictionary:

    Chargeback: A demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

For a FemDomme, this basically means:

    Chargeback: What a “sub” decides to contact his credit card provider to reverse a charge. The credit card provider honors this request.

It is important to understand too that, when a chargeback occurs, you not only lose the full amount of the sale but there are charges either you or the site you’re on have to pay for.

Why Do subs Initiate Chargebacks?
Let’s be real. A “sub” can request to reverse a charge for a whole variety of reasons including:

    – His significant other saw the charge so he claimed his credit card must have been stolen.
    – He’s no longer horny and regrets the amount of money he spent.
    – He’s simply a huge ass hole and decided he doesn’t want to pay for a particular FemDom item or service.
    – The item or service ended up not being to his liking or not what he expected so he decides to not pay for it and charge it back.
    – The poor soul wasn’t a sub after all and his credit card really did get stolen or fraudulently used by a “sub”.

No matter what the real reason is, we will likely never know. What is important to deal with the consequences.

What to Do When You Receive a Chargeback
In my opinion, the worst thing you can do is let yourself get consumed by anger and/or disappointment. It’s important to keep a cool head and realize that chargebacks are apart of doing business (any business really, not just adult work).
Especially in cases where it’s likely that the “sub” initiated a chargeback on purpose, I believe it’s best to not give him the satisfaction that it angered or upset you in any way. In some of the worst cases, you know that he’s just waiting for that drama-filled social media post so he can delight and maybe even jerk off to it. When I receive chargebacks, I don’t mention them at all and just pretend as though it never happened.

What About the Site I Received the Chargeback From?
This is where the issue of chargebacks can get very confusing. Before you sign up to a FemDom clip site or sign up to a FemDom cam site, it is best to make sure you know and understand what that site’s chargeback policies are.
For example, there are sites that absorb chargebacks for you. Some examples of sites that do this include:

However, other sites do not absorb chargebacks. This means that you pay the full amount of the chargeback and/or the fee associated with the chargeback. Some examples of sites that do not absorb chargebacks are:

It is important to keep in mind that chargebacks can occur on any income you generate. This includes obvious things such as sales you make from selling a clip or doing a cam show, but it also includes less obvious things such as earnings as a referrer/affiliate.

Chargeback Protection
Luckily, most sites have some protection from chargebacks. This can include things like a maximum dollar amount a user can spend at once or blocking known countries that are famous for fraud.
This is also the reason why many companies, especially ones that do not cover chargebacks, choose to pay only once or twice a month and/or make you wait 2 weeks or more to receive payment. This wait period is to help ensure no chargebacks were made.

Chargebacks Can Happen Even After You Were Paid
This fact is extremely important to understand. For sites that don’t cover chargebacks, the site may have paid you already but a chargeback was made afterwards. From what I know, chargebacks can be initiated for up to 2 years after a purchase. In this situation, the site will most likely expect you to pay this back, usually by putting a negative balance on your account.
I have seen personally how many FemDommes and adult industry workers FREAK OUT when this happens. Unfortunately, in most cases, they didn’t understand fully what chargebacks are and/or the chargeback policies of the site this happened on. This is why it is imperative to understand the chargeback policies of the sites you use and to be informed about chargebacks in general.
Basically, they happen and they suck!

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