Slaves & Slave Applications

Slaves & Slave Applications

Slaves & Slave Applications


Once you’re more established as a Domme, you may consider creating a slave application. After all, by now, I’m sure tons of slaves have asked if you have a slave application.
How you proceed is certainly up to you. Here are some pointers I found helpful to keep in mind.

1. Know Your Expectations

    You should know yourself well enough as a Domme to know exactly what you’re looking for in your slaves (beyond monetary gain). With this knowledge, you can then create your Slave Application with a clear focus and easily be able to reject those that can’t or won’t fit your criteria.

2. Know Your Slave’s Expectations

    As part of your Slave Application, you will want to make sure you ask enough questions to really figure out what the potential slave is looking for. Once you know that, does it match what you’re looking for from a slave? The potential slave’s responses on your application should make this clear. The last thing you want are misunderstandings.

3. Have a Slave Trial

    One thing that has helped me a lot is having a slave trial. It’s one thing if the application looks good but, of course, this needs to be backed up with actions over time on the part of your potential slave. I first have a slave trial, if their application looks good, to prove themselves. Only after a successful trial are they accepted as my official slave.

4. Have the Extra Time

    In my opinion, taking on slaves is not a simple, side project or something to take lightly. It is really taking your relationship with your sub to the next level… which is what turns him from a sub to your slave. As such, you will need much more time to dedicate to this. Always remember:


Taking on slaves is not an easy way to make money!


    If anything, it’s a harder way to make money because no longer is your relationship centered around $x/per minute. It is a genuine relationship between yourself and the slave that may not always have a per minute rate anymore.


    Not every Domme has the time or wants to dedicate the time to have slaves and that’s totally okay. You don’t have to have slaves or a slave application to be successful. It is just another option and avenue for you to explore and enjoy yourself in the amazing world of online female domination.

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